Office of Mental Health

Adult Housing

About Adult Housing

Housing is a priority concern for all people. For individuals with mental illness, safe and affordable housing is a cornerstone of recovery. However, stable access to good housing is a fundamental problem for many people with mental illness because of their low incomes, the limited supply and rising costs of low-income housing, and discrimination. To reduce stigma and provide opportunities for recovery, it is preferable that individuals with mental illness live in mixed-use settings.

The New York State Office of Mental Health (OMH) is committed to maximizing access to housing opportunities for individuals with diverse service needs. OMH funds and oversees a large array of adult housing resources and residential habilitation programs in New York State, including congregate treatment, licensed apartments, single room residences, and supported housing.

The Residential Program Indicators (RPI) report on this Web site is a performance measurement reporting tool for adult housing programs in New York State. Viewers can use indicators in the report to evaluate agency residential programs, based on county, regional, and statewide averages.

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