Office of Mental Health

Program Statistics

AOT Program Statistics (Click each report for detailed view)


Investigations Conducted

Number of individuals either referred to counties for investigation or reported to counties by authorized petitioners as having been investigated for appropriateness for AOT. Statistics are cumulative from November 1999 and reported by county.
Petitions FiledNumber of people for which petitions were filed.
Recipients under Court OrderNumber of people for whom court orders were issued since the implementation of AOT, number of recipients currently under court order and number of recipients who were under court order at any time during past year.

Service Enhancements

Number of Service Enhancements and/or Voluntary Agreements issued to recipients.
Court Order RenewalsNumber and percent of court orders renewed.
Length of Time in AOTDistribution of time individuals spent in AOT.
Removals Resulting in HospitalizationThe percent of removals for examination pursuant to subdivision (n) of section 9.60 of the mental hygiene law that have resulted in hospitalization.
Reasons for Non-Renewal of Court OrdersIndividual has improved
Individual is no longer benefiting
Living Situation at Expiration of Court OrderRecipient living situations at the time of expiration of the court order.
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