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Consumer Assessment of Care Survey

About the Consumer Assessment of Care Survey

Why consumer assessment of care is important Maximizing access to appropriate and effective mental health services is central to promoting recovery for individuals with mental illness. Better information about consumer outcomes and what treatments work for whom, and under what circumstances, is essential to improving the quality of mental health care and the quality of life for persons who experience mental illness. OMH recognizes that consumer assessment of mental health care is a critical component of this information, since the real progress in mental health recovery occurs because of the efforts of individual consumers.

OMH consumer assessment of care OMH uses the Consumer Assessment of Care Survey (CACS) to assess perception of care among adults in state-operated outpatient, non-residential programs. This portal presents data from that survey. The CACS measures consumer perceptions of: 1) overall service quality; 2) access to services; 3) appropriateness of services or quality of service delivery; 4) consumer outcomes resulting from service delivery; and 5) consumer quality of life. OMH uses these data to foster targeted quality improvements in services and to promote recovery from disabling mental health conditions. The data are also used to fulfill the federal consumer assessment reporting requirements.

An annual statewide summary report including overall results can be found at the following link:

  • 2009 summary report (pdf)
  • 2010 summary report (pdf)
  • 2011 summary report (pdf)
  • 2012 summary report (pdf)
  • 2013 summary report (pdf)
  • 2014 summary report (pdf)
  • 2015 summary report (pdf)

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