Office of Mental Health

Balanced Scorecard

The OMH Balanced Scorecard measures and reports on outcomes experienced by individuals served in our public mental health system, results of public mental health efforts undertaken by OMH, and critical indicators of organizational performance. The Scorecard is designed to improve accountability and transparency in New York State government by allowing anyone to use OMH data to inform decision making and assess the progress the agency is making toward achieving its strategic goals. The Balanced Scorecard is updated quarterly.

To find information rapidly, Balanced Scorecard viewers can sort management objectives by target population and subject area. Additional user friendly features include:

  • The "BSC Menu" on the toolbar links to management objective definitions, FAQs, and information about how to use this site.
  • The Release Notes summarize additions and changes made to the current edition of the Scorecard.
  • The Objectives over Time page presents historical data for individual management objectives to help viewers better understand how we are progressing toward meeting our goals.
  • The Accomplished Objectives page presents management objectives with Statewide performance targets that have been achieved.
  • Specific indicators provide access to more extensive program-specific information and data, such as the ACT and Housing Portals.

While we believe the Scorecard measures accurately reflect performance, please be mindful that measuring quality is difficult because of variations among programs and in the complexity of individuals receiving services. In addition, the Scorecard compares actual performance against specific measurable targets. However, the targets usually reflect short term objectives for the time periods being measured and are not necessarily long range OMH goals.

As you review the information on the Balanced Scorecard, please consult the Statewide Comprehensive Plan to better understand, and put into context, the objectives that are being measured. The Plan and other useful OMH resources can be accessed from the "Related Resources" menu on the toolbar.

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